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Plant of the Month – Monkey Monstera

Monkey Monstera

Latin Name - Monstera Adansonii

How to care for my Monkey Monstera

Where to position?

Monkey Monstera’s are best suited to bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight as this may damage the leaves.

How often should I water?

Water when the soil of your Monkey Monstera has started to dry out, if it is dry to touch then it will be ready for a drink. The easiest way to measure the correct amount of water is allowing your plant to sit in water and drink from the bottom.

What is the best temperature?

Monkey Monstera’s prefer warmer temperatures between 18-27°C. They can tolerate cooler temperatures as low as 12°C.

Is it toxic to animals?

Monkey Monstera’s are toxic to animals and children but only if eaten NOT to touch.

What are the benefits?

The Monkey Monstera has purifying properties, they absorb impurities from the air making it cleaner to breathe.

Hint – Naturally overtime as your Monkey Monstera grows, the lower leaves can turn yellow. All you have to do is allow the plant to use them up and snip them off when they have dried.