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Flowers for your Home with Rhubarb

Welcome back to our blog, where we discuss all things related to home décor and design! Today, we are going to dive into the wonderful world of flowers and how they can enhance the ambiance of your living space.

1. The Lounge

When it comes to flowers for the lounge, you’ll want to choose a bouquet that complements the overall colour scheme of the room. A mix of bright blooms like Roses, Ranunculi’s, and Tulips, depending on the season, can add a cheerful touch to the space. Our seasonal wrap is a great choice for this space. Place them in a vase and display them on your coffee table, in your reading nook or mantel side for maximum impact.

For flowers on the coffee table, opt for a shorter arrangement of flowers that won’t obstruct the view of your guests. Consider using a mix of seasonal flowers in a low vase or bowl for a chic and sophisticated look. Flowers like Hydrangeas, Hellebores, and Daffodils work well in this setting. Or why not opt for a bulb planter decorated with moss during the spring time for a long lasting centrepiece. Bulbs such as Hyacinths and Muscari can bring a fresh floral scent to your living area.

When it comes to decorating your console table or mantel piece, taller flowers like Sunflowers, Delphiniums, or Gladioli can help create a statement piece. Pair them with some greenery or branches for added texture and display them in a statement vase for visual interest. This will make the space a focal point in the room.

If you have a reading nook or cosy corner in your home, adding flowers can make the space feel more inviting and relaxing. Choose fragrant blooms like Lavender, Jasmine, or Eucalyptus to create a calming atmosphere, why not pair them with soft, fluffy stems such as Lisianthus, Butterfly Ranunculus or Parrot Tulips. Place them in a small vase near your reading chair for a subtle touch of nature.

2. The Kitchen and Dining Room

Moving on to the kitchen, where you spend time cooking and gathering with loved ones. Fresh herbs like Basil, Mint, and Rosemary can double as both décor and ingredients for your favourite recipes. Place small pots of these herbs on the windowsill or countertop to add a touch of greenery and freshness to the space.

One of the best places to display flowers in your home is in the kitchen. Whether you have a large kitchen island or a small countertop, adding a bouquet of fresh flowers can instantly brighten up the room and create an inviting space. Hardy flowers such as Anthuriums, Alliums and Carnations are a good choice for the kitchen as they are more resilient to heat than most flowers. If you have a kitchen island, why not display a large vase arrangement to create a focal point. If you want to achieve this statement look and go big, we recommend The Florence, our biggest bouquet available.

If you would prefer your flowers away from the kitchen workspace a good place to display flowers is on the kitchen shelf. The kitchen is a high-traffic area where you spend a lot of time, so having some bright and cheery blooms can really make a difference. You can opt for small stem vases with flowers like Cosmos, Phlox, or Tulips to add a touch of brightness to your kitchen. Or another great way to display flowers on your kitchen shelves is by using small pots of spring bulbs. These pots of spring bulbs can be displayed in timeless terracotta pots or decorative ceramics which can easily fit on a shelf and bring a touch of springtime freshness into your home. You can choose bulbs like Muscari, Fritillaria, or Daffodils for a burst of colour and fragrance.

For the dining room, flowers can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your space. Placing a vase of fresh flowers on the dining room table can create a beautiful centrepiece that will impress your guests and make mealtimes feel special. Roses, Amaryllis, and Hydrangeas are popular choices for dining room table flowers, as they are classic and timeless blooms that can add a touch of luxury to your décor, opt for for simple bunch of one kind of flower or go for a beautiful bouquet with a mix of your favourite flowers.

3. The Hallway/Entrance

Whether you have a spacious hallway, a cosy boot room, or a simple bench in need of an uplift, there are plenty of creative ways to incorporate flowers into your home’s entrance.

For the hallway, consider placing a vase of fresh flowers on a small table, console table or pedestal near the entrance. This will not only add a pop of colour and fragrance to your space but also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests. If you are lucky to have a large entrance why not go big with a show stopping arrangement using tall stems such as Gladioli, fresh grasses or Viburnum.

In the boot room, where practicality is key, you can still find ways to incorporate flowers into the space. Consider placing a small potted plant or spring bulb on a shelf or windowsill to add a touch of nature to the room. You could also hang a basket of flowers on a hook near the door for a charming and unexpected touch.

If you have a bench in your hallway that could use a little sprucing up, why not consider a flower arrangement to place on top of it. Choose a variety of fresh blooms in complementary colours and arrange them in a vase or basket to create a stunning centrepiece for your hallway bench, the perfect greeting for you and your guests.

4. The Bedroom

For those looking to add a touch of nature to their bedroom, there are a variety of ways to incorporate flowers that would make the perfect addition to your decor. Flowers for the bedside table can create a calming and romantic atmosphere, go for a small bouquet of flowers arranged in a glass vase or ceramic jug, consider using smaller, delicate flowers such as Peonies, Clematis or Sweet Peas. Our sweet Vase Arrangements would be the finishing touch to any beside space.

Bedroom chest of draws can be a large space to decorate, placing a large ceramic or glass vase filled with big blooms will instantly elevate the look of the area. We would suggest flowers such as Lilacs, Hydrangeas or Dahlias arranged on their own or in a large bouquet with a selection of seasonal flowers and foliage. If you have a dressing table in your bedroom, adding a vase of fresh flowers will not only add a touch of elegance to your space, but they will also bring a sense of tranquillity and serenity to your morning routine. Flowers for the dressing table can include a shorter bouquet of flowers or a simple stem vase so that the space is still practical yet beautiful.

4. The Loo

One often overlooked area of the home that can benefit from the addition of flowers is the bathroom. The bathroom is a space where we go to relax and unwind, so why not make it even more inviting with a bouquet of scented flowers? Scented flowers such as Lavender, Jasmine, or Roses can help create a calming and soothing atmosphere in your bathroom. Placing a vase of fresh flowers on the bathroom countertop or window sill can instantly boost the look and feel of the space.

Another idea for adding flowers to your bathroom is to place a small bouquet of fresh herbs in a vase on the bath side or placed on a small stool next to the shower. Not only will this add a touch of elegance to your bath time routine, but the scent of the herbs will also help to create a calming and rejuvenating atmosphere. Eucalyptus, Rosemary, or Sage are all great choices that will add a luxurious and spa-like feel to your bathroom as well as being steam resistant.

Have you ever thought about using flowers in unexpected places, like on top of the toilet cistern? When selecting flowers for your bathroom on top of the toilet tank, go for a small sturdy vase of flowers and be sure to choose varieties that are not only visually appealing but also have a pleasant scent. The fragrance of the flowers can help to mask any unpleasant odours in the bathroom and create a fresh and inviting atmosphere too.

No matter where you choose to incorporate flowers into your home, the key is to have fun and get creative with your arrangements. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a more elaborate display, there are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating with flowers. So go ahead, add a touch of beauty and freshness to your home with some beautiful blooms today!

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